ECo-C Quality Certificate: The Quality Assessment for Companies

04.07.2013 08:29

One of the main factors that motivates people for lifelong learning is the high-quality standard of trainings.

With the ECo-C Quality Certificate companies prove that the internationally valid ECo-C certification is part of their human resources development programmes and that they foster the personality and communication competences of their employees according to ECo-C standard.

Many companies are already convinced of the added values of the ECo-C Certification Programmes. With the ECo-C Systems of Carreer approach human resources manager have the possibility to fully intergrate the ECo-C in their human resources development programmes and to offer target-group oriented trainings and certification levels. Hence, it is assured that the right target group makes the right level of ECo-C certification and that from the apprentice to the skilled worker, the administrator, the teamleader and the  manager all employees have access to quality-assured educational programmes in the area of personality and communication skills.

Geri dön